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“wine expert"

  1. Participants.
  2. Those participating in this promotion shall be individuals of over 18 years of age from anywhere in the world who download the application via “iTunes Store©”, “Google Play©” or “BlackBerry App Store©”, and are registered by this means in the records of Marques de Casa Concha. Each participant may only be registered once.

  3. Term.
  4. The competition shall take place between August 1, 2012 and August 1, 2013. During that term, participation in the competition may only be in accordance with the terms and conditions of these bases.

    Viña Concha y Toro may decide to extend the term of the competition at its sole discretion, which circumstance shall be communicated at the time to consumers by the means determined for the purpose.
    Viña Concha y Toro reserves the right to publicize this promotion by the means it considers most appropriate, whether by mass communications media or any other means.

  5. Terms.

  6. Viña Concha y Toro may update and modify these terms without prior notice. The continued use of the services of Concha y Toro following such changes shall constitute consent to the changes. You are responsible for examining periodically the latest version of the Conditions of the service which are currently available on the web site App http://wineexpert.marquesdecasaconcha.com

  7. The Content.

  8. All the content provided in the App has been prepared from information coming from internal sources of Concha y Toro and from external sources, therefore Concha y Toro is not responsible for the possible lack of updating or inaccuracy of the information.

    Concha y Toro and its associates are not responsible for content published by third parties that may be offensive, derogatory or cause damage of any kind. Concha y Toro reserves the right to remove content it considers inappropriate for any reason or basis.

  9. Link with Facebook.

  10. The link between Facebook and the participants is voluntary for each participant. The use of the content of information obtained via this link is in accordance with the terms and conditions of Facebook. The information provided by Facebook of each user may be used by Concha y Toro.

  11. GAME.

  12. The App is an entertainment section consisting of answering a series of questions within a certain period of time referring to various aspects relating to wine. The questions are presented at three levels of difficulty: “Basic”, “Middle” and “Advanced”.

    The participant is evaluated based on pre-established criteria on taking part in the game. This evaluation is completed with the award of a score. The different participants are listed according to the best score obtained in the game.

  13. Mechanics of the Game.

  14. The game currently consists of a series of 5 questions chosen at random on various aspects and related to the level obtained by the participant (the “Session”).

    The levels of participants are “Apprentice”, “Connoisseur” and “Wine Expert”. Each of the player levels is related to a level of difficulty of the questions. Each level consists of a base score for maintaining differences between them.
    The score is calculated considering the time taken to answer the question, if the answer is correct, the score for each question and the score assigned to the level of the player. These variables are combined to determine the maximum possible game and a minimum possible game.
    All the participants begin in their first session at the most basic level and have to pass 80% of the maximum possible in the session to be able to pass to the following level. This structure will be repeated until reaching the top level.

  15. Rankings.

  16. Participants will be ordered according to their level and best historic score obtained based on rankings. The rankings are organized according to different criteria (temporary, demographic or geographic). The principal ranking is the historic global which contemplates all the participants at the global level.

  17. Competitions.

  18. Concha y Toro reserves the right to create tournaments or competitions related to the game, the rankings or other sections of the App. Each competition shall be detailed according to its nature in times, periods, terms and conditions. The prizes and winners of these competitions are independent from each other and do not necessarily relate to the App.

    Competitions arranged based on the game may use the geographic variables assigned to each user at the time of registration, sessions carried out within specific periods of time and the scores obtained in these sessions

  19. Prize.
  20. Each competition shall award prizes and recognitions individually to those who meet all the requirements set out in these Bases and Conditions and with the procedures established for each individual competition.

    The detail of this prize is made in accordance with article 36 of the Consumer Rights Law 19.496.

  21. Awarding of Prizes.
  22. The prize awards will be made once each competition is finished. The winners will be chosen according to the score in the ranking published and will be notified by electronic mail and the names published on www.marquesdecasaconcha.com.  The winners will be limited to just one prize per person. Should the same person be the winner on more than one occasion, the prize will be awarded to the person obtaining the next highest score.

    In the event of a tie, lots will be drawn before a notary of the competitors having the same score. However, Concha y Toro reserves the right to contact and inform the winner by other means, for example by electronic means and/or by mass communication, whether or not within the framework of advertising of the products sold by Viña Concha y Toro.

  23. Delivery of Prizes.
  24. The prizes shall be dispatched to the winners at the address stated in the information registered within 30 days of the official announcement in the web page.

    Viña Concha y Toro reserves the right to publish the prize-winning ceremony for this competition, if any, by any means.
    Taxes and Travel Expenses. All taxes that have to be paid or that accrue with respect to the prize shall be for the exclusive account of the winner.

  25. Guarantee of the Prizes and Participation.
  26. The Organizer shall not be responsible for damages that the winner might suffer to their person or assets, as a result of their participation in the Promotion or their receiving and/or using the Prize. Nor shall the Organizer provide guarantees of quality, dispossession, defects, functioning or any other matter related to the Prize.

  27. The Use of Pictures and Personal Details.
  28. The Participants irrevocably authorize the Organizer, its affiliates and subsidiaries, in the terms required in article 4 onward of Law 19.628, for the protection of private life or of personal data, as a condition for participating in the Promotion, to use their personal data, address, domicile, pictures and voices for advertising purposes by any means or form that the Organizer decides, without geographic limits and without the right to any compensation, during the term of the Promotion and for up to thirty six (36) months from its termination, and also for the Organizer to send to Participants publications and/or make their publicity offers of goods and/or services. Participants also recognize and accept that the Organizer, its head office, subsidiaries and related companies may treat the personal data provided by the  Participants due to their participation in the Promotion, in its own registers and data banks. The Participants free the Organizer from responsibility for the improper use of the data by third parties. The Organizer shall not sell or cede the data without the express authorization of the Participants, in accordance with applicable legislation.

  29. Limits on Participation.
  30. It is expressly forbidden for employees of Viña Concha y Toro of any of its related companies, in accordance with article 100 of Law 18.045, to take part in this promotion or have access to collecting the prize. This prohibition also applies to employees of other companies who directly or indirectly participate in the organization, launch and/or events of this Promotion.

    This prohibition extends to spouses and relations of the second degree inclusive.

  31. Modifications of the Terms and Conditions.
  32. When unforeseen circumstances justify it, the Organizer may suspend, modify or cancel the Promotion without the Participants having any right to complain.

    Acceptance of the Terms and Conditions. Participation in this Promotion implies knowledge and acceptance of these bases and conditions, and of the decisions taken by the Organizer on any question not covered in them, provided that these conform with prevailing legislation and have been duly approved by the corresponding authority of application in the country. 
    Publication of the Bases and Conditions. These bases may be consulted in the web page www.marquesdecasaconcha.com and in the application.  Before downloading the application indicated in 1. above, the Participant should expressly accept these bases.

  33. Applicable Legislation and Jurisdiction.
  34. The Promotion shall be governed by the laws of the Republic of Chile. Any dispute arising from this Promotion shall be subject to the jurisdiction of the courts of the city of Santiago.

  35. Legalization.
  36. The bearer of a signed copy of these bases is authorized to require and sign their legalization before the notary Juan Ricardo San Martin.

    As from this date, these bases will be found legalized and available at the offices of the notary Juan Ricardo San Martin.
    Santiago, July  31, 2012.

Cristóbal Goycoolea Nagel
I/D. Nº  12.023.135-9
p.p. Viña Concha y Toro S.A.